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Membership and Show Fees - Membership Form Download

To become a performing member of ELOC you have to join to be part of our membership. There are two ways to become a performing member of the company: by successfully gaining a singing part in our open auditions (see below for details) or by doing a company audition in front of the committee. Our annual membership fee is £35 (there are reduced rates for students). We also ask for a £75 show fee. For further details please speak to any committee member.

Auditioning For A Principal Part In An ELOC Show

The next set of principal auditions will be for our Spring 2019 show: 'Crazy For You', and these will be held on Sunday 17th November 2019,  with an additional/overflow date on Monday 18th November 2019. Dance Auditions will also take place on Monday 18th November 2019.

Audition forms for 'Crazy For You' will be available to download here shortly. Audition forms should be sent back to the audition secretary no later than Wednesday 13th November. Please email your form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PDF version of the audition form
Word version of the audition form

When filling out your audition form you must be clear about any holiday commitments or any other periods of unavailability, if you are worried about this, please discuss this with the production team ahead of your audition. ELOC are pleased to hold open auditions, meaning you don't have to be a member of the society to be able to audtion. Any non-member wanting to audition is required to pay an audition fee of £5, which, if successful in joining the company after the auditions, is redeemable against your annual membership fee.


Audition pieces for Crazy For You, can be found below.

If you have any questions about the ELOC audition process or becoming an ELOC member please contact the ELOC Committee by emailing:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Crazy For You: Character Audition Pieces

This is a fun, big, bold and challenging show, which requires a cast of male and female actors who are strong singers and dancers with loads of stage presence and great energy, who want to have some fun. However, we want performers who remain connected with and true to the characters. Make them your own and bring the characters to life. Crazy For You is an ensemble show that incorporates the cast in multiple featured roles and group musical numbers throughout the show. Please note: Ages in the character breakdown provided below are approximate playing ages for those characters and not necessarily the ages of those who will play them.

Please don't be daunted or worried and if you have any questions just ask us! We are here to help, and make the show a fun and enjoyable one, after all this is our hobby. We know this is a long missive, but hope it has whet your appetite and shows just how excited and passionate we are about this show and we look forward to working with you on this exciting, challenging and fun production. Good Luck and enjoy!

Chris, Dennis, Aimee and Hayley

(# denotes principal singer)

#Bobby Child

Leading Man, baritone, aged 25-35.
Bobby is a New Yorker in love with musical theatre, he dreams of being on the stage but is forced to work in a bank by his controlling mother. He has been engaged to Irene Roth for 5 years but doesn’t want to marry her. When he goes to Deadrock to escape Irene, he meets Polly, falls instantly in love with her and decides to put on a show to pay off the mortgage on her father’s theatre. In order to receive respect, he entices the Zangler folly girls to come to Deadrock and disguises himself as Bella Zangler, the established producer. Bobby is involved in 12 songs so needs to be a strong singer, actor, tapper and ballroom dancer for his “Fred and Ginger” type numbers with Polly. Good comedy timing.

Audition #1: Song #5 Shall we Dance (Bars 9 to 63) into dialogue below

Audition #2: Libretto Pg 33-36 “Oh, my God, just look at this place!” – to “Just GO AWAY!!”

Audition #3: Libretto Pg 48-49 “Vould you Stop already! STOP!!” - straight into the song below

Audition #4: Song #9 -Slap That Base (Bars 9 to 24)

#Polly Baker

Leading Lady, mezzo, aged 20–30.
Polly is the only female living in Deadrock where she is the postmistress and “all American girl”. She is a strong independent woman with a tough exterior. She is incredibly protective of her father and refuses to let his theatre be taken over by the bank or bought by Lank. The men adore her, but Lank Hawkins is always asking her to marry him. She tries not to show her love for Bobby when she discovers that he is from the bank which wants to foreclose on her father’s theatre. Then she falls for Bobby disguised as Zangler, but naturally true love prevails, and the pair finally end up together. Polly is involved in 9 musical numbers and needs to be a good tapper, soft shoe and ballroom dancer with a strong voice.

Audition #2: Libretto Pg 33-36 “Oh, my God, just look at this place!” - to “Just GO AWAY!!”

Audition #5: Libretto Pg 57 “Sure. What’s up? - straight into the song below

Audition #6: Song #10 Embraceable You (Bars 4 to 55)

Audition #7: Libretto Pg 69 “Well, not out here it ain’t........ –straight into the song below

Audition #8: Song #12 I Got Rhythm (Bars 1 to 60)

#Bela Zangler

Male supporting role, baritone, aged 35–55.
An impresario who directs the successful “Zangler Follies” with a Hungarian accent. Zangler is an established New York musical producer and theatre owner, an imposingand dapper man with a moustache and beard. He follows Tess, his dance director, to Deadrock despite being already married. Zangler enjoys a very funny drunk scene and duet with Bobby so needs to be a good character actor with good comedy timing.

Audition #9: Libretto Pg 105-107 “This is incredible! Tessie, why didn’t you tell me?!” to “Are you all right?”

Audition #10: Song #14 What Causes That? (Bars1 to 59)

#Irene Roth

Supporting mezzo role, aged 25–33.
A pampered and cultured society debutante and Bobby’s controlling fiancée engaged to him for 5 years. Irene follows him to Deadrock to tryand take him to New York and finally accepts the fact that Bobby won’t marry her because he loves Polly. Then Irene falls madly for Lank Hawkins whom she seduces with her only song “Naughty Baby.” She needs to be a good mover and have a comic flair.

Audition #12: Libretto Pg 92-94 “There you are. Are you ready .... – straight into song below

Audition #13: Song #15 Naughty Baby (Bars 5 to 52)

Everett Baker

Supporting male role, baritone. Polly’s father, aged 48–60.
Everett lives in the past and is always reminiscing about how lovely Polly’s mother was when she performed in the Gaiety Theatre, Deadrock. Owner of the Gaiety Theatre which is physically and financially crumbling. Finally, he falls instantly in love with Lottie Child when she arrives in Deadrock.

Audition #16: Libretto Pg 23-24 “EVERETT: No no no no. I can’t let you have the theatre....

Audition #17: Song #22 Things Are Looking Up (Bars 3 to 9)

Lank Hawkins

Supporting male role, aged 30–45.
The owner of the Deadrock Saloon. No solos but sings in many of the chorus numbers. He is an intense, usually manic fellow, blessed with a vision for the town that no one else quite shares. Lank wants to buy the Deadrock theatre from Polly’s father and has some very funny lines of dialogue. He wants Polly to marry him until Irene throws herself in his direction

Audition #14: Libretto Pg 23-24 “EVERETT: No no no no. I can’t let you have the theatre, Lank. ...LANK: If he doesn’t sell it to me, the bank is going to take it away!”

Audition #15: Song #3 Bidin’ My Time (Bars 2 to 9)

#Patricia Fodor

Female cameo role, soprano, aged 32–50.
Eugene’s English sister and fellow tourist. Very British. Also needs to be able to dance.

Audition #18: Libretto Pg 66-68

Audition #19: Song #17 Stiff Upper Lip (Bars 1 to 24)

#Eugene Fodor

Male cameo role, baritone, aged 40–55.
A chirpy English tourist who with his sister is writing a guide book to the American West. Very British. He needs to be able to dance.

Audition #18: Libretto Pg 66-68

Audition #19: Song #17 Stiff Upper Lip (Bars 1 to 24)

Mother (Ms. Lottie Child)
Non singing female supporting role aged 45–60.
Lottie is Bobby’s business-orientated and domineering mother who gives him an allowance. She wants him to forego his ideas of being in musical theatre and make a career in the bank. She strongly disapproves of his passion for dancing as well as his engagement to Irene. She is a very bossy and overbearing woman. She ends up with Everett Baker.
Audition #11: Libretto Pg 110-112 “Bobby, you have been back here for six weeks"

Mother's business assistant (doubles as Custus)


For Mother's limousine xx
Follies Girl: Tess Female supporting role,follies dance director aged 22–32.
She is pursued by Zangler even though he is married. Tess sings and dances with the other follies girls so must be a good tapper.
Follies Girl: Patsy Female supporting role, follies girl aged 18–32.
She is ditzy and a bit of an air-head “dumb” blonde role. Patsy has an annoying high-pitched speaking role and sings and dances with the other follies girls. Also needs to be a good tapper. Good comedy timing.
Other Follies Girls: Mitzi, Elaine, Louise, Susie, Betsy, Margie, Sheila, Vera 8 or 10 singing and tapping girls including Tess and Patsy. All must be good singers and dancers.

Moose, Mingo and Sam

All aged 18–35.
All have small dialogue and form the Cowboy Trio who have solo pieces and sing with the male chorus. They are extremely lazy. Ideally need to be tappers and dancers to partner the follies girls.
Other Cowboys: Harry, Pete, Custus, Jimmy, Billy, Wyatt, Junior All aged 18–35.
Harry is the bartender, Billy, Wyatt and Junior are the card players. All these men have some lines of dialogue and need to be tappers and dancers to partner the follies girls. All these men involved in staged gun fights for the tourists.
Ensemble and other small roles

Stage Manager of New York theatre; Stagehands; Wardrobe mistress; 4 Zangler Show Girls; 2 Lackeys for Zangler; 3 Mother’s Directors; New York Theatre patrons; Deadrock townsfolk.

There is an opportunity for a strong ensemble to support in what will be a busy show. We are looking for talented singers, actors and dancers to join the company in the ensemble for this exciting production, ideally 8 people, 4 males, 4 females, but the more the merrier, who will be the street crowds for New York and Deadrock. You will be onstage at different times throughout the show.

No audition, will be cast during rehearsal period

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